How to Get More Guests to Stay at Your Bed and Breakfast

Swiss Inn

Beware of Cutting Your Rates

Lowering your nightly rates can be very tempting if you are not attracting enough guests to your bed and breakfast. However, always be careful about doing this. Are your rates already competitive? This is where you must do some market research and be honest with yourself.

If you find that your rates are too high, then of course this could be a reason why you are not getting enough guests. However, if you have taken an honest look at your rates and think this is not the problem then you need to consider what else you could be doing to attract more guests.

Are You Making the Most of All Advertising Opportunities?

Gone are the days when you simply had to put an advertisement in a magazine or newspaper. Most advertising opportunities these days are online. You may have a great website already, but you also need to be thinking about social media marketing as well. Your potential guests probably spend a lot of time on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. These are all important and free sources of advertising.

You should also be looking at websites which specialize in advertising bed and breakfasts. Some of these do cost money, but this could be money well spent.

Do You Have Great Reviews?

Think about how your potential guest approaches finding a bed and breakfast to stay in. They will look at pictures and a description of what you must offer. However, one of the most important things that people look at is reviews.

Are you encouraging your guests to leave reviews for you? You should always make it easy for guests to leave reviews. This can be as simple as showing them the guest comments book that you leave in the lobby. You can leave comment cards in the room.

Online reviews are also good. You should always do a follow up email to a guest the day after the leave. Encourage them to send you a review by email and give them a link to any online review facility that you have.

Do You Have a Frequent Guest or Referral Program?

Take an idea from the large hotel chains. They all have a loyalty program which encourages guests to return. You can offer guests a discount if they return to stay with you. To encourage them to tell their friends about how great their experience was you could give them a coupon code which gives a bigger discount if they refer a friend. Get imaginative. There are many ways that you can reward your best customers.


Photo by the.Firebottle