Is Innkeeping Right For You and Your Family?

Are You Prepared to Work Very Hard?

It may sound idyllic that you simply accept people into your beautiful home and they pay you for the privilege! Paying house guests – what more could you want? Stop to think about how much work family and friends are as house guests. Then realize that running a bed and breakfast to keep paying customers happy is going to be a whole lot more work than that.

Unless you have a great deal of money to pay staff you are going to have to do a lot of the jobs yourself. Do you want to spend a lot of the day cleaning? Or get up very early every morning to prepare a cooked breakfast for lots of different people all potentially wanting very different things? Imagine how much laundry there will be every day.

Then once you have finished all the domestic tasks you will still have to deal with the running of the business. You will constantly have to answer the phone and reply to email and internet enquiries. The day to day tasks of running the business will be up to you, unless you can afford to pay someone else to do this.

It is very hard work every day when you run a bed and breakfast. It may be that you are open 365 days a year, so it would be very difficult ever to take a break. You may live in a bed and breakfast, but you may find it impossible to ever take a break so that you can visit someone else’s bed and breakfast! It most likely will be very difficult to ever get any vacation time. If this something that you want to sign up for? You must be very clear about the huge time commitment that you are going to have to make to run a bed and breakfast.


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Will Your Family Support You’re in Running the Business?

If you have children and other relatives living with you, then you must think about the impact that running a bed and breakfast will have on them too. The children may get to live in an idyllic location and a beautiful house, but will they get to spend much time with you? Running an inn is a very big commitment and it is very important that every member of the household is on board with the idea.

They may not necessarily want to help you in a practical way, but you will need to know that at least they understand what is involved and will make things as easy as possible for you.

Running a bed and breakfast can be a very personally rewarding and sometimes financially rewarding thing to do. Just make sure that you have thought about what it involves before you make the decision.